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Thornton Dale C of E Primary School

Be kind, be brave, believe.

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Castle Close, Thornton Dale, Pickering. YO18 7TW

Mrs Nikkie Beniams

Be Kind, be brave, believe

School Aims

School Vision, Values and Ethos

Be kind, be brave, believe. 

Our vision statement

Our Christian vision is for every child to love learning in a safe environment where they feel nurtured, valued and happy. We aim for a culture of exceptionally high expectations and an innovative approach to inspire our children to believe they can achieve excellence. This is rooted in our core values of kindness, friendship and respect.

Our Christian Vision is lived out through the values of Kindness, Friendship and Respect and illustrated through the parable of The Seed and The Sower (Mark 4: 1-20, Luke 8)

The Story of the Sower

People reacted to Jesus in many different ways – some with great faith, some with little faith. There were some who listened but then walked away and did nothing, and others who were troubled by his words.

One day Jesus told a story. A crowd gathered abound as he pointed to a farmer who was scattering seeds from a huge bag over his shoulder. They all stared at the figure who walked slowly up and down his fields as clouds of tiny seeds fell to the earth.

“There was once a farmer like that who went out throwing seeds far and wide,” said Jesus. “Some of the seeds fell along the edge of the pathway. They were trampled underfoot, and the birds came swooping down and gobbled them up. Other seeds fell on rocky ground and they grew up very quickly, but because they had no roots in the earth and no water, they dried up and died.  Yet other seeds fell among thorns and as they grew up the thorns twisted around them and strangled the life out of them.

“But other seeds fell into good, deep soil. They grew up ripe and strong, producing fields of crops that were a hundred times more than what was sown!”

“The seed is the word of God.”

“Those seeds along the pathway are the people who hear God’s word, but the devil comes along quickly and snatches it from their hearts before they can believe and be saved.”

“Those on the rocky ground are the people who hear the word and get very excited, but they have no roots at all. They believe for a little while, but as soon as trouble and difficulty come along, they give up.”

“Those that fall into the thorns are the people who hear the word but are soon distracted by worries or thoughts of getting rich, or the pleasures of life and craving for success. These desires choke God’s word, and so nothing can grow.”

“But the seed that lands on the good soil stands for those who have a fine and open heart. They hear the word and take it in deeply, they act on it, they produce a rich harvest because of their perseverance. They keep trusting in God whatever happens.”

“Which kind of soil is in your heart?” (The Lion Bible for Children)

“The seed planted in the good earth represents those who hear the Word, embrace it, and produce a harvest beyond their wildest dreams”

Mark 4:20

School Values

Kindness, friendship and respect.